Monday, October 4, 2010

The Quinoa Revolution Continues

I cooked the lentils and quinoa stuffed peppers for dinner tonight. I will get the photos up tomorrow. I thought they were delicious and they made my apartment smell great.

How Much Quinoa Is Too Much?

With three kids, there will always be one who doesn't get on board with something. I have one rebelling and refusing to eat anything quinoa. Actually, I should count it a blessing that the other two have remained tolerant and eaten my creations, as I have thrown a lot of new meals at them this week. I will think about scaling things back.

I said think about it.

Quinoa Recipes 10/2/10

A stuffing, a pilaf, and a warm salad - no matter what you are serving today, you can fix a quinoa side dish as a healthy complement.

Quinoa Stuffing with Dried Cherries - I am so happy to have found a stuffing recipe, though I admit this one is a bit of a challenge. I am not certain how much quinoa constitutes a crater, but with a little experimentation I am sure I can figure it out. At any rate, any recipe that includes dusty cherries had to be included in this blog out of respect for Betty White.

Lemony Quinoa - This side dish looks absolutely irresistible. I found this recipe on the Embracing Balance blog with photos of an entire meal I am tempted to recreate: glazed chicken, bigass salad, and lemony quinoa. I doubt it gets better than that very often.

Dave Lieberman's Warm Balsamic and String Bean Quinoa Salad - This recipe is from a recent episode of  Dr. Oz, and features frozen string beans. I imagine any vegetable would work.

I hope you found something to inspire you to try quinoa in a new way. Please feel free to comment with any suggestions or questions you have.

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