Monday, October 4, 2010

Quinoa on Ice Cream?

Are you looking for a friendly invitation to quinoa that you can offer a reluctant food experimenter? Offer the quinoa crunch in this Quinoa Crunch Parfait - a sweet and crispy topping you can add to yogurt, fruit, salads, and even ice cream. Red quinoa will be festive on my cupcakes and pies this year, and yes, I plan to sprinkle quinoa on ice cream.

If you are interested in how this topping looks with regular quinoa see Quinoa Crunch.

Quinoa Recipes 10/3/10

Here are a few other recipes I found for quinoa yesterday. I am faced with a bit of overwhelm this week - so many choices, so few quinoa dishes I can serve in a day.

Fresh Mint - 2/3 oz pkg
Fennel and Quinoa Salad Made with Herbs - I rate this recipe advanced for American cooks because you will have to do some conversions, but I think it worth the effort to try something as exotic for me as fennel.

I have to be honest, I look at the recipe and I wonder, do they really prefer to weigh out their ingredients in Wales rather than scoop out a volume by the cupful or spoonful?

The recipe calls for 25 grams of several fresh herbs, which is about 1 cup based on my assessment of this 19 gram package of mint.

Quinoa Pilaf - this recipe uses chicken stock. You could replace stock with water or the carrot stock recipe below to make this dish vegan.

Carrot Stock - not a quinoa recipe per se, but I came across this stock recipe that I think would work well with quinoa when you want to cook it in something more substantial and flavorful than water. Of course, carrot stock could substitute for chicken broth in any recipe, yes?

Balsamic Roasted Vegetables and Quinoa - this recipe features a balsamic vinaigrette in which you roast the vegetables. If you are rushed for time, you could substitute prepared salad dressing. Because you cook the vegetables in large pieces, there's little preparation with this meal. Double the dressing and add boneless chicken breasts to make it an omnivorous one dish meal.

Quinoa Marinara Soup - If you are creative and want to see yet another way yummy way to cook quinoa, check this one out. Another of those recipes that don't include specific measurements because the chef is preparing intuitively, this recipe is located about 3/4 of the way down the post. Get a gander at the purple soup you pass on the way.

Never be afraid to experiment.

Getting Stealthy Healthy with Quinoa


I have been reconsidering my quinoa strategy in light of my son's refusal to eat it. I think perhaps I have not be offering him quinoa that I know he would like.

For example, I am quite sure that if I prepared quinoa in an orange cheese sauce (think Velveeta) he would go mad for it in an instant. So I am thinking about quinoa in that way now - how would NRK (Not Really Keen on quinoa) like to eat quinoa? I know I can crack that code.

Meanwhile, one good thing has come out of the quinoa revolution. NRK used to detest rice. Now he has avowed himself firmly in favor of it. So when I serve rice, I can anticipate his cheerful rather than sulky response.


Do you have any suggestions for winning NRK to the quinoa team? Will you be trying quinoa on ice cream?

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