Friday, November 5, 2010

Pink Quinoa Tweet

Another entry in my celebrity quinoa category.

The pop star known as Pink introduced quinoa to many of her 2.4 million twitter followers when she tweeted this week to ask whether it was safe to eat quinoa after storing it in the refrigerator.

Within minutes the activity around the keyword "quinoa" on Twitter became a flurry of fans trying to get up to speed with what quinoa is while others congratulated Pink on her choice and reassured her that quinoa is safe for 3-5 days in the fridge.

I was not familiar with the concern about leftover rice. I was always inclined to freeze leftover rice myself, but I don't use rice at all right now.

I am kinda keen on quinoa, you know?

BTW, @pink also wants you to know that it is not okay to ring her doorbell to ask for an autograph. So don't do it, no matter how tempted you feel. Go home and eat some quinoa and bond with Pink that way. 

I'm eating Ruby Quinoa right now myself - more magenta than pink perhaps. I will have to think of a recipe for pink quinoa.

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