Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2010 Boston Vegetarian Food Festival

Boston Vegetarian Society booth 10/31/10

I visited the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival on Sunday afternoon. I was very surprised that there was no quinoa booth. I walked the floor three times, tasted dessert hummus, and sipped on hemp milk, but I couldn't find anything with quinoa.

Oh well.

Dessert Hummus

The Crazy Camel Dessert Hummus booth had six different sweet hummus treats. I tasted the pumpkin pie flavored hummus...delicious.

I wondered how to eat dessert hummus when I got home and tried to describe it to my son. I mean, I suppose it is good enough to eat off a spoon, but somehow that seemed a little heavy. I bring a tiramisu cheese ball with graham crackers to my brother's house every Christmas Eve. My son said we can't mess with that tradition, so I suggested perhaps I could serve pumpkin pie hummus with graham crackers on Thanksgiving.
However, it turns out there may be a better idea. When I tweeted about my trip to the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival and dessert hummus, @PretzelCrisps tweeted back that Pretzel Crisps go well with dessert hummus and they would like to deliver treats to me. They will be here this afternoon. I am so excited.

Now I need to find dessert hummus to eat with the pretzel crisps delivery.

Boston 10/31/10

Mother Nut's Carob Peppermint Almond Butter Cookies

I tasted the most amazing cookies at the festival. These cookies are moist and chewy and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. I read over the ingredients today and found that quinoa is the second ingredient, so I guess I managed to find some quinoa at the festival after all.

The cookies were created by a mother with a son who needed to eat gluten free has digestive issues and are baked at Vision's Sown in Jamaica Plain, MA.  If I heard correctly, they will start selling these cookies at Fenway Park on November 16. *see Ancient Baker's comment below.

If you get a chance to nosh on these cookies, go for it.

Don't let the carob frighten you. In fact, I think the name of these cookies is misleading. Yes, there is carob, but the chocolate chips overwhelm the carob flavor. And the peppermint is muted, barely discernible. The overall flavor is deep and dark, reminiscent of molasses.

Boston, You're My Home

Eating those cookies reminds me it has been too long since I last had Durgin Park's Indian Pudding. 'Tis the season.

You can see in the photo above just how pretty the city was when we were driving home.

I love that dirty water...

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  1. thanks for the links to foods i have never considered before. you are generous. i hope more people frequent this site and expand your reach

  2. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have found something delicious and nutritious to try.


    Tammi Kibler

  3. Hi Tammi,

    Tonya, the Ancient Baker here! Just writing to clarify a few things. The amazing cookies your enjoyed are actually a low-gluten cookie, not gluten free. I use sprouted grain flours which still have low amounts of gluten in them. For my son's case, I learned that he had difficulty digesting long chain, starchy foods. To my surprise, sprouted grains convert the difficult to digest starches into simple sugars that digest like vegetables. Also, the nutritional value increases dramatically. Sprouted spelt is the first ingredient in the cookies.

    As for the beginning sales, we are working with a year round farmstand near Fenway Park named Marshall's Fenway Farm Stand, located on 1345 Boyleston Street. On November 16, 2010 Marshall's will host their monthly sampling day and Vision's Sown is scheduled to be there then. The store is steps away from Fenway Park. Hope this clears up the confusion. Updates coming soon on our blog: www.visions-sown-ancient-baking.com.

    Thanks for your feedback. We certainly love hearing from our newest fans!!

    In the spirit of good health...

    Tonya C Johnson, Ancient Baker & President
    Vision's Sown, An Ancient Baking Co, Inc.
    Harnessing the power of plants for re-imagined bakery products.

  4. Thanks for all this information. The cookies are fabulous. I will make some adjustments above.

    Tammi Kibler