Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How do YOU cook quinoa?

Welcome to my blog where we will explore my new favorite food - quinoa. The more I learn about the nutritional benefits of quinoa, the more excited I get about the possibilities of cooking with this powerhouse.

Salvadoran red beans

How do you cook quinoa?

Preparation is very similar to white rice: bring 1 part quinoa and 2 parts water to a boil and simmer 15 minutes. Season to taste before or after. :)

You can also cook quinoa in a crock pot or in the microwave. You may even soak it or germinate it and then serve quinoa raw, if you wish.


How do you serve quinoa?

So far, I have cooked quinoa with red beans (small, Salvadoran ones, actually) and with lentils. Both times I was very pleased with the results. This whole grain is tolerated as well as white rice, at least no one complains in my family the way some do about brown rice.

Actually, quinoa is not technically a grain. Quinoa shares its heritage with spinach and beets. Although not a grain, quinoa easily substitutes for a grain or starch in any meal.

I will be experimenting and posting all my favorite quinoa recipes and I would love to test out any recipes you recommend. Feel free to link to quinoa recipes in your comments.

Don't be shy, tell me, How do you cook quinoa?


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